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You had drawn excellent artwork. Good strategy for using blue and purple because cool-toned colours make the viewers calm and relaxed a...

You have drawn it very well. The art style reminds me of the 2000s Disney cartoon series called, Brandy and Mr Whiskers, but the techni...



I'm feeling little bit better. How about you? :)
I wonder if I can fight against my foolishness. I must have patience to find out.
Hey, everyone. I have a joke for you - what is the answer of 1+1?
The problem with me is that I do not understand myself.
I have so much schoolwork to do! I better catch up.

If you from Thailand, you know this song. :)
Dear, watchers and visitors
Despite I'm not going to upload anymore artworks for temporary, I will be still active on DeviantArt, but in less amount of time. Also, monthly update will not be available anymore until I'm ready to be back on DeviantArt. Thank you very much for understanding and have a good day. :)
Sincerely, Sorawit Klaywong
I have something to tell you on "February 2017 Update" journal. You're not probably going to like it at all. :(
Dear, readers
I'm sorry that I wasn't available between 26 December 2016 - 1 January 2017 because I was ordained as the novice monk in the temple. Let's just say that it was an interesting experiment for me to ordain as the novice monk for 7 days. I have learnt that being the novice monk wasn't easy. I'm quite very interested when I have learnt about the history of Lord Buddha, Dharma (Buddha's Teachings), culture of different Buddhist temples from different countries, Buddhist traditions and monks' 227 precepts. (Laypeople have 5 precepts while novice monks have 10 precepts.) I have found out meditation is the key to let me calm my mind down. I have to sit down to meditate for 10 minutes. It wasn't easy. However, during the last day of the ordination, I somehow can manage to calm my mind. I think that in order to cure my mental issues, I need to calm my mind down. :) (Smile)  I feel much better, but still, I need to be careful not to be my old self. :| (Blank Stare) 
Comic strips #9-11 will be available between 8-28 January. I will not tell the exact dates because firstly, if I tell you the exact dates, I might have not upload in time and it will be delayed, which might cause disappointment to you and myself. Secondly, it will help me to feel more comfort due to the fact that I have narrowed down the dates, in which you and I know when those comic strips will be available. However, I may draw drawings and/or illustrations in case I have not much time to upload comic strips in order to maintain the schedule. Also, I just want to draw drawings and/or illustrations whenever I want to. hmm It's just that drawings take shorter time to draw than illustrations, in which, illustrations take shorter time to draw than the comics, (although it depends on the complexity.) If you want to know when my artworks will be available, please check on the "Newest Deviations" box and/or via status.
(Read the paragraph 3 of this journal below to know more about my newest schedule.)
December 2016 UpdateDear, readers
I have decided that two special artworks about King Bhumibol Adulyadej won't be available anymore. I wish I can tell you my reasons but I feel like it is out of my personal boundary. Even if you want to ask me via notes, I will not reply back anyway, because I feel very discomfort to answer.
I have been stressed quite a while now because I can't find the balance between schoolwork and free time. When I have too much high expectation with schedules for schoolwork, I will give up and become lazy. Nevertheless, when I become very lazy, I will feel very disappointed with myself because I will fail to keep up with schoolwork. I know that I will be officially in Year 11 on February 1, 2017. So basically, things will get harder. I know that I have so much holiday homework to do but I also want to have time to watch YouTube videos and see artworks from DeviantArt. However, I think I have deserved enough rest from now on. I'm not saying that I will do holiday homework everyday bec

I will need to finish homework as much as possible before 1 February because students in Victoria will go back to the school. The actual date is 31 January but it is for the teachers in order to get prepare for the following next day. I'm really worried that I will have less time to keep up with DeviantArt and get bad grades, but school is way more important because I really want to get into the university. I will need to draw good-quality artworks as many as possible in January in order to reserve for the next three months. Hooray! I am a dummy!
I want to thank Bronyart3 (aka Lottie) for doing the shoutout for me. It was very kind of her. I was surprised when she did the shoutout for me. Technically, she gave me the suggestion to do the shoutout in order for me to get more views and feedback to improve, but still, I was very happy when she did the shoutout for me. Thank you very much, Lottie. :) Don't forget to check her out. I believe that giving feedback will improve her artworks. :)
Artist Shoutout - BushArtistI haven't done an artist shoutout in a while xP
Doing a shoutout to BushArtist, an artist I've known for almost a year now! :happybounce:
He does traditional art, mostly drawing characters and comic strips. Bush is looking to improve, so I suggest you go check him out and see how he could improve his art! Maybe give a watch too? Love
Here's a little something he draw for me for my birthday last year:

Aaaand a few other examples of Bush's artwork:

I'll be submitting art soon, trying to get back into the drawing sprit again ^w^

I hope you have such wonderful year. Good luck, everyone. :)
Sincerely, BushArtist
The monthly update will be upload between the last 7 days of the current month until the first 7 days of the next month. If it is delayed, I apologize for my unpreparedness.
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Sorawit Klaywong
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Greetings, everyone. My name is Sorawit Klaywong, but you can call me, Bush. I come from Thailand. I can speak Thai and English fluently. I have been studied in Australia since the middle year of 2013. I'm still currently live in Australia. I officially started DeviantArt on 1 February 2016. I like to draw things because drawing is my hobby. I draw drawings, illustrations and comics. If you favor my artwork and/or give me a llama, thank you very much. I really appreciate it. :) I also really like to get feedback in order to improve my artworks. Thank you so much. :) If you give me the core membership, thank you, but I won't accept it because I want to be famous without having core membership, that's all.
Remember that imagination and creativity make art perfect. :)
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Active (YouTube): 17 Mar 2014 - 24 Jan 2016; 13-25 Dec 2016
Active (DA): 1 Feb 2016 - 28 Jan 2017
The timezone is UTC+10:00. (From October to April, the timezone will be UTC+11:00.)


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